About We Love Sound Inc.

We Love Sound Inc. and Waking Life Studios, experts in Sight, Sound & Production Management provides DJ services, Concert Production, Audio Visual, Staging & all your Recording needs. Fantastic sound and HIGH quality Personalized Service is what we GUARANTEE!


Our Story

Dayne Polny, President of We Love Sound Inc., picked up his first bass guitar around 10 years old, and never put it down! At 12 years young he started a band and played a Battle of the Bands show in a local school. Then on to the acoustic guitar, drums, some violin and piano all led the way for Dayne to write and record his own songs in a cozy space in the family barn. Yup, a horse stall of all things! There was no doubt Dayne’s career path was to be a part of the music industry. He soon was off to college where he completed a diploma in Music Business.

Gaining further experience with high profile industry professionals and a huge upgrade to the barn studio, completely renovating the entire top floor, he opened Waking Life Studios and started recording local artists.

Quickly and within only the second year of business while having a passion to give back and support the local community, Dayne recognized a need to expand and offer DJ services, Concert Production and Audio Visual & Staging platforms, We Love Sound Inc.was conceived to bring it all together.

As a previous Board Member of the local Chamber of Commerce, Dayne continues to actively network and is committed to supporting local businesses!

Then We Love Sound Entertainment received Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014!

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Our Executive Team


Dayne is a visionary thinker with an entrepreneurial drive committed to delivering memorable events by keeping customer service at an all time high. His technical skills and experience in recording, audio visual and live production have him recognized as a leader in this industry.

As a musician himself, he understands all the nuances that make a great show, a professional DJ event or a successful studio recording and is passionate about helping others obtain their goals. He is known for exceeding client expectations and receives constant praise for his “easy to get along with” style.

Senior Director – Elaine Polny

Elaine is an enthusiast of all things that provide inspiration for creativity to flourish. Always the one to encourage new innovative ideas, building strong relationships, business infrastructure and delivering the highest level of customer service are Elaine’s top priorities. With too many years to mention (hoping to hide her age!) her talents started in the financial banking field, owning her own retail businesses and then her passion to study the psychology of horses took over. That created her business that researched and developed how to communicate and train horses naturally. The result of working with a species that cannot speak with words and weighs over 1000 lbs, has Elaine bringing a unique perspective for she understands that effective communication starts with listening not talking!


As the Founder David elicits a visionary strategic mind in business development and a proven track record to take a company from ground floor to global status. He is well known to lead a team by “being” the example and never settling for second best and is committed to delivering brand integrity and strives for customer driven loyalty.




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