Mobile Recording Services

Our mobile service specialises in on-location and live audio recording. We offer a friendly, more convenient method of receiving professional quality work without needing to travel and is tailored to your needs. Our full mobile rig is ideal for any size job. We have the best gear at our disposal to capture studio quality sound from your work space, home or anywhere.

Ideal For Recording:

  • Demos, Singles, EP’s, Albums
  • Solo Artists, Bands, Choirs, Orchestras
  • School, Church, Community Groups
  • Rehearsals, Recitals, Performances
  • Gigs, Concerts, Special Events, Stand Up Comedy
  • Auditions, Competitions, Exam Pieces
  • TV, Radio, Web Ads
  • Voice Overs and more…

Key Equipment

We have 3 available interfaces which are project dependent.

  • Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 (16 Channel Simultaneous Recording at 48kHz 24bit)
  • Allen and Heath QU-16 (18 Channel Simultaneous Recording up to 48kHz 24bit)
  • Echo Audiofire 12 & Pre8 (20 Channel Simultaneous Recording up to 96kHz 24bit)
  • KRK Monitors, AKG & Sennheiser Headphones, Audio Technica Mics,Neumann Mics, Shure Mics, Sennheiser Mics, AKG Mics

For high quality, quiet guitar recording, we have our SPL Transducer analogue cabinet emulator which can be used with any amp head. We also have our Kemper Amp Profiler which has 700 amp/speaker presets to find the sound you are looking for.


We provide a value-for-money service that encourages clients to focus on creating their best work rather than watching the clock and their dollars tick away. There is nothing worse than rushing the creative process!

Pricing starts at $60 per hour. Package deals and bulk booking discounts may be available on request.

When we invoice you we typically charge in 15 minute increments. So if it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to record a particular track, then we bill you for 1 hr and 15 minutes, not 2 hours or half a day like some of our competitors.

Additional charges may include:

  • Setup/break down time (setup of microphones, sound checks etc.)
  • Travel (depending on your location)
  • Materials (CDs/DVDs, printing etc.)
  • Venue hire
  • Session musician hire

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we typically discuss your requirements, our work methods and costs. This discussion usually also covers details such as times and places, numbers of performers, what instruments are to be recorded, the number of songs, details of the recording space and any other special requirements you might have.